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ABOUT THIS SITE,,, and all direct themselves to the site you are on now and are owned and maintained directly by Charles Rand Barnett.

The style of this site is intentionally simple. I'm a big fan of Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia. This site and my campaign are about ideas and words. The 4040 idea is a slogan that can immediatly communicate a goal; a tangible goal. Getting the message to a massive audience of people is more important than introducing any laws.

I do not participate in social media. The campaign set up social media sites, but I've taken them down because I don't use them. This website and the campaign are clearly visible on Google. I've added the dot trombone ticker for my daily word at the bottom of the 4040 site. I may setup a YouTube channel and I just completed my autobiography. is also owned by Rand and used as the home of his music and his programming business Dot Trombone LLC.