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In the course of two primary elections, I only managed to get one anonymous $10 donation. Hey, that's twice as good as I got panhandling on the streets for a year when I was homeless! I'm certainly not good at asking people for money.

I got into this thing realizing that 2020 was going to be my sweet spot year. 2018 was more hashing out the platform. I'm still willing to run in 2022, but I can't use my own money to do it. I'm getting older here and I've played all my wild cards in life. I have to concentrate on making my 50's a time of paying off my house and preparing for retirement. I don't want to be struggling to find work and pay basic bills in my 60's! I started a cooking business today that will hopefully supplement my programming income and get me where I need to go. And keep my independence.

If I'm even going to be on the ballot in 2022, I need people to step up and donate. I believe in the climate change cause and my solution. I stand behind it. But I can't sacrifice my retirement for it. I'm closing my bank account and campaign committee. I'll need some serious donations to start all that up again. I won't do this alone anymore. To donate, simply send me an email to get the ball rolling!