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My 4040 idea came from this. I'm seeing a 36% reduction in driving just from working from home. You can see that my energy bills are not that higher now in the house than when I was in a one bedroom apartment, especially when you consider that I'm paying for washing clothes. In the winter of 2019, you can see my bills skyrocket again. This is what happens when you keep the garage warm for the cat! Not my idea of course.

Please note that I've been paying extra on my electric bill for renewable energy for all these figures. In October 2019 on my chart, I used 359kWh of electricity. The months listed on the graph are for the previous month's usage.

My driving figures were made from maintenance logs and are not 100% accurate. I sold my car in September 2019. I'm doing fine without a car. It just seems silly that I was using cars all these years. I work at home!