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Go to my autobiography in (on the donkey) to get my full story.

Go to my music page for, you guessed it, my Music.

Short Bio

I'm a trombonist and multi-instrumentalist musician trained in jazz improvisation. I played trombone in the US Navy for 7 years in the 90's. In the early 2000's, I recorded solo music and made websites to share it. After I failed to make money doing that, I trained myself as a computer programmer while living on the streets of Seattle. I focused on making gaming engines (3D math and collision detection). I've been working as a contract programmer and with my company Dot Trombone LLC since 2007.

My Thoughts

I've lived a fairly rough musician life. I've spent a lot of time feeling fairly middle class, but I've had periods of extreme poverty and some drug issues. I'm stronger because of all of that, but I don't personally recommend living a rough life. I think I made things harder than they had to be at times. I did conquer drug addiction and food addiction. It was challenging.

I've been posting my music on my custom created web pages since 1999. It's fair to call me a blogger. I'm a musician, computer programmer, math artist type of person. I call myself an internet artist. I'm sure my music would have been better if I didn't have to switch careers, but honestly, I'm not sure what that would have sounded like. I did pretty good with what I had.

I'm a dreamer. A visionary. I tried to make my music different. I tried to explore. I think I was successful, but it hasn't created much money. I still have hopes that people will pick up on my thread. It's very uncomfortable for me selling myself and political platform. I see myself as a creator, not a salesman. But sales are necessary in life. If no one knows about my music or politics, I'll be limited to how much more I can do that in the future. I've spent 20 years creating; I'm doing my best to do some selling this year.