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The 4040 Plan

The goal: reduce carbon emissions quickly.

The Theory:

40% of people driving 40% less


40% of people using 40% less electricity and natural gas


A 16% across the board, non-commercial energy reduction.

If the savings from that were diverted towards building renewable power plants, then theoretically nothing would change. Things would just shuffle around a bit. Of course we will need a carbon tax. Some people will be paying more and some will be paying less. That's unavoidable, but the theory is true. It's not a new tax if we are making the carbon savings. The idea of it being a new tax, one in which people will have to work harder to pay, is part of the whole problem with climate change in the first place.

The Steps:

  1. I soft release my autobiography for free on my website. [done]
  2. I get on the local news and hit the streets with my campaign by running the Move the Needle event.
  3. Portland elects me to congress.
  4. On day one, I put the 4040 bill and the carbon taxes in the hopper.
  5. I assemble a small team to further research the facts about how best to ramp up wind and solar power.
  6. I code, assemble and make a tutorial of an arcade style game to be put on display in Washington DC. (yes, math education is important and should draw attention!)
  7. I land some interviews on talk shows to talk about climate change and the 4040 plan.
  8. The 4040 and energy tax bills are adopted and/or people voluntarily make the necessary changes.

The way the 4040 plan works is by drawing the national attention. If Portland can save significant power during the Move the Needle event, then it's theoretically possible to bring the conservation idea to the national level. If we had a national leader with this message, the people that want to do something about climate change would be organized into action. It can happen quickly. We don't have to wait for laws to be passed. If we are organized and taking personal action, we'll draw attention and then passing laws will be more probable. And we'll be fighting the problem at the source at the same time.